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About Us

The Accessory Consultant was established in 2007 as M Enterprises that was a local Manufacturer in the Mumbai region and slowly supplying across India. In 2013, M Enterprises started supplying in various parts of the USA and the UK. There were newly graduated Jewelry Designers who were looking to start their Jewelry lined at an affordable rate and they couldn't bear the local manufacturing expenses. M Enterprise helped them with all the manufacturing needs and they are supplying in 130+ stores across the USA.

M Enterprises has helped 440+ jewelry designers, entrepreneurs, individuals, jewelry store owners, and jewelry brands in the last 7 years with their Jewelry Manufacturing.

The Accessory Consultant is a one-stop solution for all types of Jewelry manufacturing and designing superior quality jewelry for the USA, we take the lead when it comes to customer satisfaction, 3D CAD Designs, and quality-verified products. Whether you are a jewelry designer or want to start your jewelry line, or looking for personalized jewelry, we can help you with everything. Your designs and our work bring your imagination to life, in just the way you want.

At The Accessory Consultant, we offer you nothing but premium quality at the best prices! Now, why would you choose us? We are not just a jewelry manufacturer, we are someone who understands what jewelry designing is and we are a team of highly trained individuals who are ready to cater to all your needs! All you have to do? Have an idea, have a design, and have something that represents you or your brand and leave the rest to us!

We make the process of making jewelry super easy, smooth, and hassle-free, that is why our clients love us!

Since our launch, our mission has been to help all aspiring jewelry designers or anyone with a kick for jewelry. If you are someone who considers themselves to be a jewelry addict, we are the place to be!

We operate from India, a country that has a distinctive and detailed design when it comes to jewelry. India is a country in which jewelry is not just a piece of metal and gemstones stuck together, it is a deep part of our culture, and jewelry is used in India to portray a message.

We understand that every piece of jewelry that you make is unique and has a personal touch from you, and that is why we are ready to make all pieces that you have designed, no matter how intricate and detailed they are, we promise to bring your design to life!

We know that communication is important when it comes to business and that is why we established a communication system that is available overall communication channels including email, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. Our reply to you would always be prompt and we promise to give in individual attention to all our clients!

We provide the best consultancy services and would be more than happy to provide you with any advice or suggestions that would help your business grow! We also regularly update our blog that has some great tips and tricks on how you could make your business grow, keep up with the market, and which products to choose from! It is an all in one blog and you wouldn’t need to look anywhere else!

How do we provide the best prices? Since we operate in India, the price of all products including gemstones and precious metals goes down significantly, but don’t worry, we still provide premium quality products and work with professionals who have been in the field for years! The best part is, Indian jewelry manufacturers, have a skilled hand when it comes to complex designs so we have got you covered on that front!

Are you someone who does not want to start a business and just want your one custom made piece of jewelry? Well, good news, we are here for you! We also cater to individual needs and not just businesses. We understand that jewelry is a very special commodity and often holds personal value to people. So, do you want a piece of jewelry that only you own? We are the perfect fit for you! We would help you every step of the way and give you time to explain your design to us.

Don’t worry, all your ideas, creative inputs, and designs are safe with us! We have a strict privacy policy and we keep all your data confidential! Even if you choose not to go forward with us, your designs would be safe with us. We understand that coming up with an original design is a long and often an exhausting process and that is why promise to keep your designs to ourselves. We are even willing to sign a legal Non-disclosure agreement to keep your designs completely private.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is also referred to as costume jewelry is created with base metals like brass, copper, or aluminum, and are subjected to bend and tarnish. These are stimulated with stones and can be plated by precious metals like gold, silver, etc. Since they are made with simple metals and stones, they do not have much of a shelf life and it is nearly impossible once they are broken. However, fashion jewelry is extremely cheap compared to any other jewelry; so, if a piece is broken or is tarnished, it would often be easily replaced, and there are a lot of designs to choose from when it comes to fashion jewelry.

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has probably the most options to choose from when it comes to precious metals. Silver jewelry looks eye-strikingly beautiful when paired with the right colors and design. Silver jewelry has something for all age groups and can cater to everyone! Silver jewelry comes in a range that includes bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. Silver has a wide variety to choose from. It is also super durable and can be engraved, plated, colored according to the buyer’s wishes. It is also super cost-effective when it comes to precious metals.

Gold & Diamond

Gold is the most valuable metal out there and it has been for as long as it’s been around in the world. Gold is a metal that is priceless and one could also say that it only increases in value; people tend to look at gold as just another metal only that it more precious than the other ones because of its timeless properties. Today, whenever you are looking to buy gold, you should look for a hallmark as it the confirmation of its purity and also has the maker’s name on it often with the country it comes from. The Accessory Consultant only offers the best quality gold for our family of aspiring jewelry designers!Diamond is known to be one of the strongest rocks and it is often referred to as a ‘timeless stone’. Diamond jewelry is usually made for engagement rings or for jewelry pieces that often hold an emotional sentiment. Diamond comes in many shapes and the stone is known to stay intact throughout its life, it is found deep inside the Earth’s surface and often takes many resources to be extracted which contributes to its high price.

Designer Jewelry

If you are someone who wants a custom made piece of jewelry, designer jewelry is the way to go. Designer jewelry is for the ones who want jewelry that is unique to them. The price of designer jewelry depends completely on the design and the materials that go into making it. We would be happy to provide you with any assistance you need while buying designer jewelry!

Who We Are

We have a specialised team, waiting to make your imagination come alive. From initial sketches to the transport of the finished products, we got it all covered for you. Our factory unit deals with end-to-end Jewelry Manufacturing. Regardless of whether you are looking to manufacture Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Anklets, OR Earrings - Our manufacturing plant deals with every necessity.