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A Cad design services, CAD model or Computed-Aided Design is a 3d digital model of an Jewelry. In jewelry industry, CAD models are used to design jewelry of any shape or material. There is no limit when it comes to Jewelry Designing. But sometimes it can be difficult to take your imagination creating into a finished product.

Our CAD services allow jewelry stores and jewelry designers to envision outside the box when it comes to creating custom jewelry.

The CAD/CAM designer services are perfect for individuals and jewelry designers who want to create new pieces for their own private line or for jewelry stores.

CAD helps you to view the piece of jewelry from all types of angles. -- Let us make your jewelry ideas to life.

A CAD model, or “Computed-Aided Design”, is a 3d digital model of an object. In the jewelry industry, CAD models are used to design jewelry of any shape or material. In addition to being a central part of the modern jewelry production process

Jewelry Design

Each bit of jewelry begins as a basic thought, at that point a basic structure of jewelry CAD architect. Our planners express their imagination on a bit of paper, transforming it into a show-stopper. We will make a solitary bit of jewelry, or build up another line for you. So as to begin a custom jewelry configuration, don't hesitate to keep in touch with us or call us and our pros will give you full help.

3D CAD Modeling

Making an expert jewelry 3D model is the initial move towards changing your idea into the real world. A capable jewelry CAD architect and modelers will rejuvenate your undertaking. Our group will furnish jewelry CAD administrations with definite exactness and polished skill. After the CAD cycle, the model can be utilized to create photographs and video renders which can be a significant aspect of your showcasing effort.

Relief Design

Lovely Haut-Relief and Bas-Relief plans are made at The Accessory Consultant Studio by specific jewelry CAD fashioners. They hold the type of each felt that our specialists have. With the Bas-Relief structure, your models will have an excellent three-dimensional impact. The bas-alleviation configuration can be a pendant, ring, or coin our imaginative specialists will take your thought, change it to 3D and show you the extraordinary model, uniquely designed only for you.

Digital Sculpting

Our expert jewelry CAD designers are focused on conveying excellent jewelry CAD administrations, and advanced chiseling is one of the key regions of our skill. Our administrations give you exact and impeccable 3D creation prepared advanced fine art. We can create the 3D model right from a sketch or some other data gave.

Jewelry Rendering

A decent jewelry delivery carries authenticity to your venture. You can have pictures and video renderings that are lively and sensible to accomplish your advertising plans. Essentially send us your records and inside a couple of days, you will have top quality 3D Renders returned. Our jewelry delivering administrations shift from straightforward photograph renderings to proficient 360-degree renderings, which will permit looking into the model from each point.

The Accessory Consultant is represented considerable authority in giving excellent jewelry 3D demonstrating administrations. On the off chance that you have the reasonable jewelry plan in your mind, or you have seen an intriguing model from renowned jewelry creators, we can make virtual models with the most extreme exactness and demonstrable skill. We have epic involvement with jewelry structure and buckle down on subtleties to get precisely what you need. Portray the idea and our fashioners will create that one of a kind thought on great hand outlines.

The most impressive programming for 3D Modeling is Rhino and Matrix. They are empowering jewelry CAD fashioners to make various kinds of 3D jewelry models as indicated by starting jewelry drawing. The referenced programming is giving the likelihood to show jewelry models on various surfaces and in detail. Our jewelry CAD creators will finish the jewelry displaying measures in diminished time keeping the nature of jewelry models. The idea of the model can be created because of conversations between CAD fashioners and customers.

3D jewelry demonstrating cycle can be a genuine advantage for the customers who can't discover the jewelry model of their thoughts in jewelry stores and indexes. You can see the last 3D models before beginning the formation of jewelry including the balance, extents, and gemstones to be utilized. Quick Jewelry Prototyping is a viable method to show the customer the jewelry structure and further jewelry demonstrating. You can accomplish along these lines the client's needs in the greatest sum.


Rhinoceros is a serious apparatus for 3D jewelry demonstrating. It is intended to introduce the 3D model to the customer for endorsement before the delivery cycle. 3D demonstrating through Rhino is an ideal method to set the states of the jewelry model. The fundamental bit of leeway of the application programming is the portrayal of exact components, sizes, bends, and surfaces during the jewelry CAD configuration measure. The customer can get the document in 3dm organization. Because of the intuitive interface of jewelry display, the customer can without much of a stretch view the 3D jewelry models from various points.


The 3D jewelry CAD configuration, known as 3D jewelry displaying is blasting gratitude to numerous advantages that it accommodates the formation of a jewelry model. PC supported plan (CAD) empowers time investment funds and impressive cost investment funds in the 3D displaying of the jewelry. The Accessory Consultant offers you proficient administrations for making jewelry 3D models, making it conceivable to be printed as genuine jewelry. 3D procedures utilized for jewelry displaying will become key achievement factors for the two clients and goldsmiths.

The part of The Accessory Consultant is to give a complete a to z Service of 3D prototyping to the last STL record for printing. The nature of the 3D prototyping document and the nature of the definite demonstrating measure is for sure basic for working during the assembling of a gem and getting the ideal outcome.

3D jewelry displaying not just changes the jewelry fabricating measure, it additionally upsets the making of jewelry pictures. Once captured to be introduced on paper inventories or online lists (site), the gems will presently be seen in 3D with astoundingly reasonable jewelry delivering quality. Also, the conceivable field is wide in 3D imaging jewel: photograph, video, movement … up to the creation and creative mind!


Jewelry demonstrating isn't equivalent to displaying any 3D object. You need to pick an incredible 3D jewelry structure arrangement and request progressed and concentrated highlights in jewelry displays. The underlying jewelry structure and displaying permit producing rings and pendants in gold, silver, titanium, steel, copper, and gold plated metal by offering armbands, neckbands, studs, and different circles enhancements. Contingent upon client needs, different materials might be utilized also.

When the jewelry model (ring, wristband, pendant, studs, and so forth.) is requested, we will examine the size and material for delivering (gold, silver, titanium, copper metal, steel, and so on.) accessible in a few completions (shortbread cleaned, stain, matt, and so on.) in light of your needs.

After the progression of jewelry displaying, comes the phase of jewelry delivering for additional 3D printing. The uncommon nature of delivering is a significant advance as the client can change their decision with the most extreme exactness and authenticity.

At long last, note that in the event that you need motivation, you can generally talk with our jewelry CAD designers.


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