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Our manufacturing plant deals with the requirements of all types of talented designers.

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If you are a person who just simply enjoys the art form that is jewelry designing, we are here for you! Communicate your wonderful ideas with us and we will try our best to make it happen!
Jewelry Brand

Jewelry Brand

Own a jewelry brand or thinking of starting one? We have got you covered. We know all about the jewelry market, the jewelry trends, and your potential customers! We will help you make the most beautiful and unique jewelry for your brand!
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Jewelry Store Owners

Opened your own jewelry store? Looking for the perfect jewelry manufacturer? Well, you are in the right place! We not only bring the best products to the table but we also work with some great and very talented individuals who are super passionate about jewelry and jewelry making!


Just like you, we are also entrepreneurs and understand the challenges you might face. The Accessory Consultant offers the best service at the best prices; so, come become a part of our family!

Jewelry Designers

Many jewelry designers find it extremely difficult to find a manufacturer who understands what their design is why it is unique; at The Accessory Consultant we promise individual attention to all our wonderful and talented designers! We understand that starting a business can be an intimidating and expensive process and that is why we offer you the best prices and premium quality products.

The Beauty Behind Excellence


You come up with a design and we make it our own! We understand that coming up with a design that is unique and original is a difficult process and that is why we are committed to helping you! We will make a piece of jewelry that looks just like your design. Leave all the detailing to us, when you work with us, there is nothing to worry about. So, you just sit back and relax and let us take care of the rest!

3D Print

We Produce both resin and wax burnout to cast silver masters. This process will give the best quality in a short time. This is the process used to make a prototype of the jewelry, this part of the process is essential because it lessens to the room any error when the production process starts and also gives a good idea of the size and look of the jewelry. However, it is important to note that it does not compare that much to the real thing. 3D printing is also essential because you can see the details in the design of your jewelry and have a good idea of what it would look like.


This ensures jewelry to be accurately duplicated. We recommend doing the spring and molding for the best quality. Molding is a process that has to do with making molds for the jewelry that is to be produced by metals, the molds can be used for future purposes if required or be melted/destroyed as well.

We understand that coming up with a design that is original and unique is an exhausting process and takes a lot of time and that is why we are more than ready to destroy the molds of the jewelry you designed so it cannot be copied or ripped-off by anyone else. Your privacy is our highest priority, and all your designs are safe with us!


A multi-step procedure entails specialized equipment and a deep understanding of valuable metals. Casting is a long and one of the most crucial processes while making jewelry. This is the part where the jewelry actually gets made, it is a process in which a wax mold is made after which a more permanent mold is made out of plaster in which the precious metal gets poured and is left to bake at a certain temperature to take shape.

This is probably 60% of the entire jewelry-making process and it requires special equipment and trained individuals. There are different types of casting for different types of jewelry, you can choose which type of casting you would like for your jewelry.


Polishing removes marks and scratches on jewelry and gives it a uniform surface. Finishing is the process that comes after the piece of jewelry is made. One could say that finishing is simply a process that adds final touches to a piece of jewelry, however, it is not as simple as it sounds. Finishing is one of the most important steps when it comes to jewelry making, it has the power to change the appearance or the way that an item looks drastically. In fact, most jewelry would not seem visually appealing to anyone if it doesn’t go through the process of finishing or does not receive the proper kind of finishing.


If your jewelry piece gets damaged or has any shortcomings that you would like to be fixed, we are happy to help! We work with a team of some talented and great individuals who have been in the jewelry making business for years and know their way around any jewelry piece that might need a skilled hand and fixing! Have a jewelry piece that is damaged? We got you. We have the tools, the equipment, the machines, and most importantly the heart. Jewelry is delicate and there is no room for mistake when one deals with jewelry and that is why we, at The Accessory Consultant live by.


We can plate up to 5 microns and make “Vermeil” Jewelry. Most of the time 1 to 2 microns with a ceramic coating will be enough. This simply means adding a thin layer of precious metal through the process of electroplating on your jewelry. This has multiple benefits: It adds to the visual appeal of the jewelry; this means that adding a layer of a precious metal improves the look of the jewelry. It makes it look shinier, brighter, and more vibrant. The second thing that is done by electroplating is that it adds to the value of a jewelry piece, this simply means that adding a layer of any precious metal would also add to the price of a jewelry piece. If you are someone who wants to start a jewelry business, this step is essential for your business for sure! Plating is a must for anyone looking to sell their jewelry pieces.


Refining is a method that is used to ensure that full recovery of the precious metal, gold is done in a manner that leaves no room for impurities when the metal is used in the process of reproduction.

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