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Jewelry Manufacturer New York

Full-Service Jewelry Manufacturing Service in New York, From CAD design to e-coating, we cover every step in the process. Efficient. Precise. Professional.

Who Exactly Are We?

Jewelry has a priceless appeal, and no matter how many generations pass, these artifacts will always occupy a special place in the hearts of collectors. 

We, The Accessory Consultant are renowned and acknowledged Jewelry Manufacturer, New York. Since our inception in 2007, we have started up with a thought Grow Together. That’s our mantra actually. That’s the reason we’ve happily assisted almost 440+ novice designers and startups. We’re now leading with 130+ stores worldwide.

We are now an established one-stop destination for all custom jewelry manufacturing chores in New York. Our designs are outstanding because we put our whole heart and soul into each piece, recognizing and respecting the true value of craftsmanship.

We LOVE To Turn Creative Imaginations Into Reality!!!

If you have any jewelry design ideas, please share them with me. Please contact us for a brief discussion; we will gladly craft them for you.

Our Work Process

If you think, you need to undergo deep processing scrutinies in order to get the design of dreams….That’s not the case with The Accessory Consultant the custom jewelry manufacturer, New York. 

You really mattered a lot to us. Just connect with us and leave the rest on us. We’ve streamlined our process into three simpler steps-

Requirements Gathering

This is the initial step of the process, in this our expert gathers your requirements and creates a rough 3D CAD sample module out of that. If you already have one, then that would be more appreciated if not, don’t stress we are with you.

Prototype Designing

This is the very next step to requirements, in this step we offer you an exact prototype of your required design. As you approve the design prototype, we start working on the product from that instant, if not required modifications are performed.

Never hesitate to share your Views with us, we strive to serve you better with LOVE always.


This is the last step of the process, this step includes the production and shipment of your desired design in bulk or in the specified amount after approval of the sample product designed.

VOILA!!! Your dream designer jewelry is all done.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a wide range of products and custom jewelry manufacturing services to individuals in New York. We are constantly expanding our offerings to serve you the best and always cope up with solutions that gel along with your moderating requirements.


Our products are actually the assets for us, we strive to make the best for every consumer. Never assume that you have a small request or your design is complex. We love to help individuals turn their imaginations into reality. 

We’re proficient in fashion, designer, silver, gold, diamond, etc. jewelry manufacturing. Just connect with us with your design idea and we’ll help you out crafting that in reality.


Offered Services 

We provide a full range of services such as diamond cutting, stone placing, particularly unique diamonds, and precious gems, CAD/CAM services, personalized imprinting, shop setting up, and much more.



We are open for personalization and customizations, our specialized team of designers would connect with you assist you as we’re the best custom jewelry manufacturer, New York.

Whether you are rendering jewelry in CAD software, sketching prototypes by hand, required simplified modifications within your existing jewelry designs, or in need to acquire any customizable technology-based support. We’re always there.

Just let us know, and that is done with LOVE.

Taking Care of Business

We are dedicated to social responsibility and environmental protection in all aspects of its operations, and we are great supporters of a number of organizations and also have done receive accreditation.


So, What Are You Still Hesitating off?

Are you need of custom jewelry manufacturer based in New York??

If yes, do connect with us for all sorts of customized and personalized jewelry manufacturing that too within your budget.

Don’t let your imaginations run wild, make use of them in crafting happiness for you.

We’re always there for you. Just connect and let us craft happiness out of your imaginations.