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The magnificence of every jewelry piece is derived from a unique story and these stories are worth mentioning. The Accessory Consultant we create stories that make an imprint in the sands of time by creating individualized jewelry that reflects our client’s unique style and taste.


We happily offer the latest jewelry design and production services, using the latest software and technologies. Throughout the years we have collected a group of experts covering the entire process from the initial stage of design to the finished jewelry product with the packaging! Our manufacturing team is proficient in gemstone setting, matte finish, and is an expert in round brilliant cut works. We make all this happens at the highest level with a unique way and leave a personal touch with each project that we undertake.

CAD/CAM Services

It can be very gruelling to filch your imagination and transforms it into a real product. This is the reason why you should consider professional CAD / CAM services. We provide classy 3D CAD delineation with a wide range of laser-cut collections. Our team expertise’s in computer-aided machining milling system to generate carved models free from fabrication and abrasion. At The Accessory Consultant, our expert team work with you to turn your innovative designing concepts into reality. We propound help and guidance all through the stages for unique customer experience.

Sample Making

We offer sample making services to smooth line the manufacturing process. Sample making helps to get a comprehensive understanding of your design with an accurate sample. Our sample service enables our clients to build confidence before they make a purchase. We are always accessible to talk through your thoughts and contemplations.

Casting Services

Casting is a mind-boggling procedure and its attainment greatly relies on the caster’s experience, nature of the metal, the utilization of tools and the accurate metal control techniques. We have access to the latest technology and best machinery to create top of the line replica right from the created mould. We offer the highest and finest quality castings.


We are happy to assist our clients in jewelry production services if they need an expert for their production process. All design and production services at The Accessory Consultant are completely in-house. Thus your designs are safe and protected. We know the art of extracting fine and finished products out of precious metals. From start to finish, we integrate all segments of assembling under one roof to ensure productivity, speed, quality and specificity, crossing all the opposition in the business.


For more sales and better margins, smart sourcing and the right purchase is paramount in the jewelry industry. This can be complex and often leads to costly mistakes especially when you lack necessary information. We offer a unique system specially designed for the jewelry professionals which help them find everything they need at one place no time and without any fear of overpaying. We use only responsibly sourced material in our jewelry which makes us stand out among the rest.


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