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Our Services

We own a fully equipped Jewelry Manufacturing facility managed under international standards and masters all the latest production technologies.

* We do not have minimum numbers to set orders. We are happy to help new designers in getting their first collection produced.

We promise to provide best services

When brands talk about their services and what they have to offer, it often starts with what they do make their product and it ends there as well. However, when it comes to The Accessory Consultant, we offer more than just regular jewelry manufacturing services.
We are not just a brand, we are a group of highly trained, motivated individuals who all have a deep understanding of their respective fields and extremely skilled. We work with some of the best jewelry makers, designers, polishers in the country who are committed to giving you the best product at the best price!
No matter how intricate you think your design is, we promise to deliver to the best of our abilities to bring your personalized jewelry to life. We also offer some great and valuable suggestions on how you can make your designs better, more appealing, and more personal to you!
We have a team of people who understand jewelry design as an art form and want to bring the very best jewelry pieces for all our clients.
Our services start with design, 3D Printing, Moulding, Casting, Stone Setting, Finishing, Plating, and Engraving.
Our production standards require a QC step for each process to ensure a perfect and uniform finish.


CAD or computer-aided design is used to make 2D or 3D models of jewelry. CAD allows a customer to see their jewelry piece before it is made and inspect all angles of it. This allows us to minimize any shortcomings and make any changes that are required to the actual piece of jewelry. One can call it a preview of the piece of jewelry that you ordered and how it will look in real life. CAD produces a realistic looking image of the jewelry piece and gives an idea of what it will look like in terms of color and design.

Our CAD services allow jewelry stores and designers to envision outside the box when it comes to creating custom jewelry.

3D Printing

We Produce both resin and wax burnout to cast silver masters. This process will give the best quality in a short time. This is the process used to make a prototype of the jewelry, this part of the process is essential because it lessens to the room any error when the production process starts and also gives a good idea of the size and look of the jewelry. However, it is important to note that it does not compare that much to the real thing. 3D printing is also essential because you can see the details in the design of your jewelry and have a good idea of what it would look like.


This ensures jewelry to be accurately duplicated. We recommend doing the spring and molding for the best quality. Molding is a process that has to do with making molds for the jewelry that is to be produced by metals, the molds can be used for future purposes if required or be melted/destroyed as well.

We understand that coming up with a design that is original and unique is an exhausting process and takes a lot of time and that is why we are more than ready to destroy the molds of the jewelry you designed so it cannot be copied or ripped-off by anyone else. Your privacy is our highest priority, and all your designs are safe with us!


A multi-step procedure entails specialized equipment and a deep understanding of valuable metals. Casting is a long and one of the most crucial processes while making jewelry. This is the part where the jewelry actually gets made, it is a process in which a wax mold is made after which a more permanent mold is made out of plaster in which the precious metal gets poured and is left to bake at a certain temperature to take shape.

This is probably 60% of the entire jewelry-making process and it requires special equipment and trained individuals. There are different types of casting for different types of jewelry, you can choose which type of casting you would like for yours!

Stone Setting

Your ring setting is the foundation of your entire ring plan. Assurance depends on the wearer's lifestyle. The stone setting is also an essential step and requires a skilled hand. In simple terms, stone setting only means setting the gemstone on the metal casting; but there is more to the entire process. It requires the gemstone to be put in such a way that it enhances and accentuates the beauty of the stone. It needs to be placed just perfectly as the gemstone is often the highlight of a jewelry piece.


We can plate up to 5 microns and make “Vermeil” Jewelry. Most of the time 1 to 2 microns with a ceramic coating will be enough. This simply means adding a thin layer of precious metal through the process of electroplating on your jewelry. This has multiple benefits: It adds to the visual appeal of the jewelry; this means that adding a layer of a precious metal improves the look of the jewelry. It makes it look shinier, brighter, and more vibrant. The second thing that is done by electroplating is that it adds to the value of a jewelry piece, this simply means that adding a layer of any precious metal would also add to the price of a jewelry piece. If you are someone who wants to start a jewelry business, this step is essential for your business for sure! Plating is a must for anyone looking to sell their jewelry pieces.


Polishing removes marks and scratches on jewelry and gives it a uniform surface. Finishing is the process that comes after the piece of jewelry is made. One could say that finishing is simply a process that adds final touches to a piece of jewelry, however, it is not as simple as it sounds. Finishing is one of the most important steps when it comes to jewelry making, it has the power to change the appearance or the way that an item looks drastically. In fact, most jewelry would not seem visually appealing to anyone if it doesn’t go through the process of finishing or does not receive the proper kind of finishing.


We provide personalization acceptable for life special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Engraving is the process that makes a jewelry piece truly personal to you. When it comes to special life events, most people like to have their mark on their piece of jewelry and we understand that that is why we would love to make your jewelry personalized, unique, and one of kind! It would be something that only you own. Most engravings are of initials, dates, small signs. However, it depends completely on the individual what they want t

Heir jewelry to be engraved with and we are more than happy to help you with that!