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Zainul Mistry is unlike anyone else in the industry that I have encountered. He excels in business processes (such as: clear communication, knowing his industry, quick turn-around, etc.) His entrepreneurial spirit is evident and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. The reason I’m even writing this is because of a quality that sets him apart from all the rest- he genuinely cares! He cares about your ideas, your product, and most importantly he cares about his clients. He is an expert at what he does and one of the kindest people I’ve ever interacted with. That alone is the reason I will never take my business to anyone else.

Jennifer Parker

The Accessory Consultant allowed me to give my husband a beautiful special gift for his birthday. Since the birth of our sons, he’s been saying he wants his name on his chain and a pendant. I couldn’t find anywhere that would be able to do it. Zainul was super responsive and literally allowed the idea of the pendant to come alive. My husband loved it.

Kimberly Cotto

Zainul Mistry is an inspirational and collaborative entrepreneur, who realizes the tremendous power of teamwork, organic growth, and spontaneity. His personal network and global perspective are one of the many strengths he relies on to provide tactical advice to emerging designers. The bottom line is he is original and critical in giving clients a foot in the door while it matters the most. He’s someone to have on your side when delivering results

Al Nourse

Zainul Mistry is a highly motivated and engaged individual who is focused on business growth opportunities. Zainul Mistry has excellent communication skills which allow him to build strong business partnerships and to work effectively one on one or in group situations. Zainul Mistry has an ability to identify business trends that are in their infancy stage so that he is able to capture a greater share of the sales trend in that area. Zainul Mistry is always a pleasure to work with and a strong business partner

Vera R. Gregory

TAC and I started working together when I first introduced my fashion jewelry line. It was a challenging and exciting time for me as my business was growing and the learning curve was steep and unforgiving. They were instrumental in every way imaginable and helped me work through the many challenges that I was facing at once – production, sourcing, trend forecasting, department store relationships, showroom relationships, even shipping issues. Throughout all the challenges that we faced together, they were always composed and professional. They also encouraged me to push my boundaries as a designer and helped me understand how to round out my collections. Even today I still find myself applying principles and engaging in practices that they introduced to me and I am proud to consider them good friends

Etta C. Jacobs

Zainul Mistry is an exceptional talent. His depth of knowledge relative to the competitive landscape, brands and customers coupled with his ability to see where customers are going and how trends are evolving make him a highly effective business partner. Her interpersonal skills and outgoing and pleasant demeanour make him a joy to work with. He is a true business driver and strategic partner

Ashley C. Reaves

We worked with Zainul Mistry for 3 years and he has changed our company. He introduced us to the US market and helped us to penetrate. Today we sell in more than 150 stores in the US. Zainul Mistry also helped us in product development, choosing the right materials and building a collection. He has the ability to understand the brand’s identity and develop on it.

Ustinov Pirogova

I have worked with Zainul Mistry for over two years and could not have been where I am now without his expertise, resources, and energy. Despite logistical challenge-I lived in Europe for most of that time-Zainul Mistry helped me turn a few random earrings into a compelling collection that is now carried in speciality stores in the US and Europe. He played a key role in editing my line to make sure it is appealing to buyers and helped identify reliable sources and affordable contractors.

Eddie Blevins

TAC has been by my side for over five years. Their taste level is brilliant, their ideas are brilliant, they are the hardest workers

Patrick Saindon

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Zainul Mistry. Zainul Mistry and I first met when we hired him as our consultant at Rinx J.L. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Zainul Mistry and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to any team or project. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, he has an impressive knowledge of Fashion Accessories and is always dedicated to his client and his client’s vision. His knowledge of consumer trends, fashion marketing, sales and an expert in line development was a huge advantage to our company. His relationships in the industry ranging from buyers to manufacturers, from sourcing to marketing opened doors that otherwise are closed. This is truly a sign of who he is and the respect he has garnered in the industry. Along with his undeniable talent, Zainul Mistry has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and brings the best out of his client. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Zainul Mistry to join your team. As a dedicated and knowledgeable consultant and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a benefit to you.

Brier Henrichon

Zainul Mistry and his team at The Accessory Consultant were integral with helping me create my line of jewelry from concept to launch. Together, we created a beautiful, unique and compelling collection that stands apart from other brands. Zainul Mistry understood my vision and brought together an incredible team of people to help bring it to fruition. Zainul Mistry’s creative thinking and network of connections throughout the accessory industry led me to the best of the best in both design and execution. His lifetime of experience makes his privy to an extensive understanding of high-end retail stores, how they operate and what they look for in a collection. My brand would not be what it is today without Zainul Mistry, and I am so grateful every single day for the knowledge I have acquired and the incredible journey this has been

Silvio Barišić

Zainul Mistry has added so much to the offering at RR. I can basically say that our products wouldn’t look the way they do without him. He added so much knowledge to areas I basically had little experience in. I had a great idea but the product didn’t have the sophistication that was needed to deliver the full impact of my elegant design. My background was in corporate finance and marketing and he added an experienced merchandisers viewpoint. This is so invaluable when you want to make an impact with the buyer. Her background and experience give you that depth that most small companies don’t have. He is very easy to communicate with and always available to reach out to

Eleanor Hall

Working with Zainul Mistry and his team has not only been a blessing to my brand, but we have developed a life long friendship/ brotherhood. I’m so just grateful you have no idea…

Marisa Dias Almeida

Zainul Mistry is passionate, highly professional and knowledgeable. His insights on the contemporary accessories business and product development experience have been vital to our growth in the market. We are very fortunate to be working with such an amazing individual and his team and hope to continue to grow Jaimica with Zainul Mistry.

Tilly Power

When it comes to product development and making it happen for your company, Zainul Mistry is the person to go to. He knows how to take anything and make it sellable to its target demographic. Zainul Mistry is an expert and well-respected member of the fashion and accessory community and a fantastic person to work with. His entire team is on board from start to finish making sure that clients of any scale get the best results possible in any situation

Ilhaam Areebah Boutros

Zainul Mistry is a very creative, organized, intelligent person, that helped me a lot at the beginning of my business. We worked together for over 2 years. I learned from him how to put together a collection, how to look for new opportunities and how to show my jewelry at a tradeshow in a more effective way. She brought my business to a different level.

Fatinah Naheeda Said

I continue to rely on Zainul Mistry’s understanding of the accessory market and trends every time I design a new collection. Her great energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to ‘his designers’ helps me deal with all the daily challenges that come with growing my business

Shannon W. Vogt